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Type: Career Course Bundle
Combined Course Hours: 300
Course Type:
Mentor Supported Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long
This amazing new program is for all animal lovers. Whether you are looking to start a pet grooming business or want to learn to take care of your own furry family memebers, this program is for you. You will start by learning the correct medical terminology for animals which will allow you to understand animals anatomy, physiology, and how to best care for pets. 

Single Courses
Adobe Creative Cloud
Type: Career Course
Course Hours: 225
Course Type:
Mentor Supported
Have you ever seen a beautiful, colorful website or a really neat video clip and wondered how it was made? Our Adobe Creative Cloud course will answer those questions and much more! Our course provides a comprehensive overview of Creative Cloud design elements and covers six programs that all function in unique ways to make design interactive and fun.